Before your start

MHAP requires a recent version of the JVM (1.8u6+). JDK 1.7 or earlier will not work. If you would like to build the code from source, you need to have the JDK and the Maven build system available.


  • java (1.8u6+)
  • maven (3.0+)

If you have not already installed the dependencies using maven, you will need an internet connection to do so during maven installation.

Here is a list of currently supported Operating Systems:

  1. Mac OSX (10.7 or newer)
  2. Linux 64-bit (tested on CentOS, Fedora, RedHat, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu)
  3. Windows (XP or newer)



The pre-compiled version is recommended to users who want to run MHAP, without doing development. To download a pre-compiled tar run:

$ wget

And if wget not available, you can use curl instead:

$ curl -L > mhap-2.1.1.tar.gz

Then run

$ tar xvzf mhap-2.1.1.tar.gz


To build the code from the release:

$ wget

If you see a certificate not trusted error, you can add the following option to wget:

$ --no-check-certificate

And if wget not available, you can use curl instead:

$ curl -L >

You can also browse the and click on Downloads.

Once downloaded, extract to unpack:

$ unzip

Change to MASH directory:

$ cd MHAP-2.1.1

Once inside the directory, run:

$ maven install

This will compile the program and create a target/mhap-2.1.1.jar file which you can use to run MHAP. The quick-start instructions assume you are in the target directory when running the program. You can also use the target/mhap-2.1.1.jar file to copy MHAP to a different system or directory. If you would like to run the validation utilties you must also download and build the SSW Library. Follow the instructions on the utilities page.